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  • Juice Shin

Moon Chae Won Signs With YNK Entertainment

That's a big win for YNK..

A-list actress has signed with YNK Entertainment as per the agency's press release on the 24th. The agency stated that "We have signed the great actress. As much as her acting and incredible aura, we will not be sparing any resources in supporting her future endeavors and helping her show new sides to her". The CEO further stated, "We are fortunate to be able to work with an actress that is as versatile as Moon Chae Won. Through long discussions and consistent communication, we were able to come to agreement about the future direction for the actress and was able to earn her trust. We will help further her bright light and will put forth efforts in having her meet her fans through great productions.

YNK is home to actors, Kim Hyun Joo, Kim In Kwon, Shin Hae Sun, and Park Kyung Lee.


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