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  • Juice Shin


She said they studied to make it as sexy as possible.

Allure Korea uploaded an interview on their youtube channel. In the video, The Red Sleeves star Lee Se Young was interviewed and she was asked all about the steamiest scenes in the drama, and the actress tells the best is yet to come.

Lee Se Young said she is 30 but her character is 18 and so I had to rethink what "loveable" meant to me and what it might mean to the character.

In regards to her being called the 'Queen of Historical Dramas', she said "This is my 2nd period drama but they gave me a lot of love so I am very thankful. I think my success has a lot more to do with the script and beautiful sceneries than me."

The actress also spoke of the 'Bathing Scene' with Kim Joon Ho. The actress says, "In the original work, it is PG13 of Rated R, however because this is a drama a scene too mature was impossible. So when we did get a chance to do a steamy scene there was a lot of discussions to make sure it was done tastefully".

Red Sleeves is the number one drama in Korea at the moment, and the drama surely will bring even more critical acclaim for the actress!


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