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  • Juice Shin


She tells if Rain was the actress' type.

Lee Hani revealed what BFF Kim Tae Hee told her about husband Rain.

In a clip titled 'Seoul University Colleague Tells Why Kim Tae Hee Married Rain', the actress' is seen with Noh Hong Chul and Rain for Netflix's 'The Hungry and The Hairy'.

In the clip, Lee Hani speaks about the couple (Rain and Kim Tae Hee). Noh Hong Chul asks the actress if Rain was Kim's type to which Lee responds, "Kim Tae Hee leads an active lifestyle. We actually met in a ski club in college and still to this day when we meet we either scuba or hike. I don't think we've ever drank together", to which Rain responded "Kim Tae Hee doesn't like drinking at all".

Lee Hani further stated, "I think the fact both Rain and Kim lead active lives made them more compatible so in that sense he is her type". She further emphasized this by saying, "She once told me she was glad she met her husband", but quickly followed with, "you guys were newlyweds then of course", generating laughter.

'The Hungry and The Hairy' is available on Netflix and follows the antics of Rain and Noh Hong Chul. It is created by Kim Tae Ho who created 'Infinity Challenge'.

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