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  • Mary Kim


Who got the DRAKE reference?

As more Japanese idols benchmark K-pop idol content on YouTube, netizens are noticing K-influence pop's on the J-pop industry. 

K-pop has a unique formula for capturing global fans, and one of its well-known marketing strategies is to upload complete songs and music videos, as well as choreography videos, to YouTube for anyone to stream without purchasing the album. 

Previously, a few J-pop industry insiders made backhanded remarks about K-success, pop's claiming that it was due to Korean national policy and the idols' ability to communicate in English.

Nonetheless, Kpop influence on JPOP is evident, as Japanese idols are producing similar content to Korean idols, such as music videos (MVs) and dance practice videos (previously, J-pop idols used the term PV for promotional videos that only included a snippet of the song). 

Korean netizens expressed their thoughts, writing:

"Yeah, there were only Promotion Videos back then, not Music Videos."

"I was so taken aback when I discovered Johnny & Associates on YouTube lol They were known for their exclusivity."

"Back in the day, J-pop used to sell the complete versions of music videos on blue-ray DVDs"

"I wish they could simply admit to being influenced by K-pop. Cultures influence one another, just as J-pop influenced K-pop in the 1990s and early 2000s."

"I suppose their fans would be more content."

"They are still referring to it as a photovoltaic system, but I hope they do more of those MVs. It was extremely difficult to find anything Johnnys-related unless you purchased their official album and merchandise."


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