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  • Mary Kim



Henry has been selected as a school violence prevention ambassador, and Koreans are outraged.

Recently, Henry held an appointment ceremony as an ambassador for school violence prevention at the Mapo Police Station in Seoul (Superintendent Bae Yong-seok) and announced his commitment towards future activities.

Henry as ambassador is slated to part take in posters and videos to prevent school violence in line with the trends of the youth. He plans on actively engaging in publicity activities using various social media as well as traditional media avenues.

Henry said, "I like children very much and I have been creating various contents with teenagers, and it is an honor to be able to participate in the prevention of school violence in earnest like this. I will do my best."

However, netizens who heard the news poured out their anger saying, 'Henry is not suitable as a publicity ambassador' due to his pro-China stance.

Previously, in October of last year, Henry posted a video of him playing the song 'I love you China', which was criticized by Korean netizens. After that, he participated as a judge for the Chinese dance entertainment program 'Jeochisi Singing and Dance Season 4' along with Hankyung, Wang Yibo, and Ray, causing disappointment in a row.

In addition to this, on Weibo, he wrote, "I love Chengdu a lot. See you next time", as well as a post to congratulate the Chinese National Day, attracting attention from domestic netizens.

Netizens poured criticisms such as "It is not appropriate for a foreigner to support 'One China' as a Korean police ambassador," "I don't want to see an honorary Chinese", "I didn't even know he was in Korea", "I have to formally protest". .

Henry, meanwhile, is of Chinese Canadian descent and is of Canadian nationality. He was born to a Hong Kong father and Taiwanese mother. Debuting as Super Junior M in 2008, he has been active in Korea and China.


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