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  • Cole Yoon


Sentiment is changing fast..

With each episode being released, Koreans are realizing that JTBC and 'Snowdrop' producers may not be undermining South Korea's democracy in a conniving plot in cohorts with the North to sell the country to China.. Seriously.

More and more news coverage in the country has started to become favorable to the drama. Viewership in Korea has reached back to the 3 percentile after meddling between 1-2% and in Korea's largest community, netizens are asking WTF took so long.

Korean's wrote in response to the changing sentiment,

"But doesn't 'THEQOO.NET' need to write a public apology? That's the community where all the controversy started"

"Wish there were more articles about this ㅠ 'Snowdrop' hwaiting

"It's bad enough that there is the fake controversy, the haters are about to be hit by the return of the boomerang, this drama is destined to be re-evaluated"

"You guys are persistent.. still not watching it"

"I didn't say anything because of all the hate but seriously WTF guys were hating on the drama without even watching it.. I'm getting tears"

Have you been watching the drama? What is your take in all this?


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