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  • Cole Yoon


Zai Jian.

Chinese sentiment in Korea has hit an all-time low. And that is saying a lot.

With the COVID 19 virus - Chinese claiming Korean culture - Chinese claiming Korean culture during the Olympics - and now suspected tampering of the Olympics by penalizing team Korea's Short Track Team so China can win, Chinese sentiment in Korea is at an all-time low. So low in fact, it seems Koreans are ready to boycott KPOP groups with Chinese members altogether.

On Korea's largest community forum, a netizen posted on February 7, "Looking For Groups Without A Chinese Member", in which the poster lists KPOP groups without Chinese members.

Netizens wrote:

Fans of Chinese members wake up, no matter what you guys do they will leave for China once their contract is us
You think your newly Chinese member wouldn't do that huh?.. There are no exceptions, if they have Chinese blood they are just a jjangkkae, they are nice when they first debut but after a while, they will leave you by year 7
Who is talking about Japanese members ;; you kidding me?
SM and YUEHUA artists need to be blocked
I hate Chinese and Japanese members, why are we letting them in?
Everyone in BTS is Korean


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