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  • Cole Yoon


In APINK we trust.

With news that APINK's label pushed back the comeback forcing the schedule clash between NAEUN's acting and APINK promotions, fans are doing a complete 180. APINK fans are being flamed in comments saying they were blaming NAEUN for reasons outside of her power.

Fans reacted to the news with,

"Honestly APINK fans, have you guys forgot that CHORONG's controversy pushed back the comeback? Waiting for CHORONG is easy but you can't wait for SON NAEUN? Since the other five members share labels they are able to schedule it easier but you guys can't blame Naeun for this lol I know you guys are disappointed but you guys are a bit much.."

"The fact that due to CHORONG APINK wasn't able to comeback for a year if they can't schedule it, it is what it is"

"I feel bad for Son Naeun, it doesn't even seem like she's that close with them but she stayed for 10 years but then to have the fans turn their backs on her"

"Hwaiting Son Naeun, I feel so bad for her the fans were way out of line"

"As a 'nonfan' I understand NAEUN didn't do anything wrong, I mean at least not to the point that she's all over the news, it's not like she committed a crime"

"Aren't article titles like this too much (Son Naeun throws ash on fans and Bomi apologizes) who is making these articles, is it APINK's label?"

It seems that this is another case of Korean Netizens jumping the gun, hopefully Son Naeun and APINK knows there are fans who will always root for her and APINK!


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