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  • Cole Yoon


What do you think?

With news of BIG BANG'S comeback, KPOP fans lit up the community boards.

However, it seems as if not all netizens were looking forward to the group that helped put KPOP on the map.

In a post titled, "Aren't we giving BIG BANG too much credit", a netizen wrote

Even looking at articles fans are giving a "What?" type of reaction rather "Likes", I mean if the song is good I will listen to it, there are singers who did drugs and pay for prostitutes out right now But there shouldn't be any talks of daesangs for BIG BANG in 2022 The fact they are criminals is a shame and should be embarrassing

Netizens reacted to the post, saying:

Seeing how they come back, no wonder fans are considered idiots
If you look at their career it's obvious why we respect them lol you big mad
Just don't listen to them or buy their music, why are you getting upset all by yourself
I hate idols who commit crimes and come back looking to be loved
Just don't listen to them lol it's not like BIG BANG is a group that promotes on TV lol why are you tripping?
Why do you think the public loves TAEYANG? He's the only one known to be normal, all the rest are criminals
They deserve to be respected lol when GD had his drug controversy, DAESUNG had his accident everyone said BIG BANG would be done but they slayed everyone with FANTASTIC BABY

What do you think? Is it all water under the bridge, or are they still criminals in your eye? If so, do you hold western artists to the same standard? After all, American artists celebrate drugs, sex, and shooting people, why is there a double standard?


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