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  • Cole Yoon

Korean Netizens Are Not Happy To See This 'Idol Mother' Return

They are saying she's only back for the paycheck.

'Mom is an Idol' the new variety program about once idols, now mothers, banding together to make a project group is raising expectations. However one member of the new group is receiving new backlash for returning to Korean television. That member is former 'Wondergirl' member 'SunYe'.

SunYe who was one of Wondergirl's most popular members left the group abruptly to get married in 2015. The vocalist had left the entertainment scene in its' entirety recently signing with an agency. Since then she has made numerous appearances on shows but received negative responses with netizens claiming she was checking the temperature for a comeback. It seems this time is no different.

The show features the mothers working to get back into idol condition and perform. Whether her comeback is a success viewers will have to wait and see.


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