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  • Karina Lee


Kim Sejeong recently revealed additional details about her character in the upcoming drama "A Business Proposal" in a recent interview.

"A Business Proposal," based on a popular web novel that has been adapted into a webtoon, is a romantic comedy about an office employee who goes on a blind date with her company's CEO in the guise of a friend.

Ahn Hyo Seop stars as Kang Tae Mu, a chaebol heir with everything from good looks to wealth and business savvy. Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong stars as ordinary food researcher Shin Ha Ri, who goes on a blind date with Kang Tae Mu in place of her best friend and chaebol heiress Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah).

Kim Sejeong stated that she chose the drama for its "romantic comedy genre," "main character," and "alter ego." "I was drawn to the romantic comedy genre because it depicts something that could never happen in real life," she explained. Is it because I've been promoting myself while conveying the impression that I'm easygoing and humane? A romantic comedy felt like a test to me, and I wanted to give it a try."


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