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  • Cole Yoon

#JUSTICE Streamer Sentenced to 30 Years For Murder


Oct 22, Korean media outlets reports a financial influencer and streamer was dented to 30 years in jail. It is reported that the streamer in need of money decided to teach a young attractive female stocks and investing and turn her into a live streamer as well. Simple so far, but here's the catch: He wanted her to stream naked. After teaching her stocks, when he told her to start streaming naked she refused. He then tricked her into coming into her office and took a knife and threatened to kill her if she didn't "refund him" for his investing in teaching her stocks. When she sent him roughly 10k USD, he realized he might go to jail for this and decided to kill her. After making her take something to knock herself out, he choked her. The man claimed he was under depression medication and couldn't make clear choices but the judge threw out that defense and was first given a sentence of 24 years. When the man appealed, an appellant judge sentenced him to 30 years with 20 years probation after. This man is psycho, callous, and a murderer. Fuxk him.


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