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  • Juice Shin


She Cry We Cry!

Jung Ho Yeon wept with joy upon receiving the award for her performance in 'Squid Game.'

Jung Ho Yeon won the award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series at the 28th 'Screen Actors Guild Awards' on February 27th for her role in Squid Game. Jung Ho Yeon receives his first SAG nomination and win.

She said, with tears of joy, in her acceptance speech, "To begin, I want to express my gratitude. I've been watching you all on a big screen as an audience member, dreaming of one day becoming an actor myself. I just want to express my gratitude and how honored I am to be here."

Additionally, she stated, "Thank you for making my dream (a reality) and allowing me to enter. We adore the Squid Game team!"


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