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  • Cole Yoon


JTBC is in it deep.

JTBC obviously didn't get the assignment.

Already the center of the largest controversy in the nation at the moment, news of JTBC's upcoming drama 'Until The Sun Comes Up' being propaganda for a pro Xi Jinping China is lighting up news boards this morning in Korea.

Actors Han Suk Kyu and Jung Yumi is said to have been casted in the drama that is being accused of 'beautifying' communism. The drama is sourced from Chinese novel 'The Long Night'. The novel is a crime thriller mystery centering around a retired prosecutor. The novel is alleged to have pro communist propaganda by justifying witch hunts by Xi Jinping's administration and regurgitating many of the administration's propaganda motifs.

Also the author Zijin Chen in 2019 wrote on his SNS, "Who is shouting for Hong Kong's independence. People with no jobs and are lazy bums who all of a sudden wanted to be revolutionaries."

Koreans are in an uproar. Especially concerning is the already existing controversy over Jung Hae In's character who is a communist spy in 'Snowdrop'.

JTBC seems to have expected this most recent backlash as it is reported 'Until The Sun Comes Up' has stopped filming after only 8 episodes of 16, although the station stated "The pause in filming is for sake of retooling for the drama and no schedules have been set for resumed filming'.

JTBC has previously defended the 'Snowdrop' controversy saying they respect the creative decisions of individuals involved in the drama and that there is a misunderstanding. Seems like JTBC misunderstood the climate in Korea.


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