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  • Juice Shin

Jisoo x Jung Hae In Tell All In 'Q&A' For Harper's Bazaar | Eng Sub

The chemistry between these two are level PHD.

The two actors starring in upcoming 'Snowdrop', answered questions about first impressions, and reflected on moments they were thankful to and made them closer to one another. What is obvious though is the incredible natural chemistry these two have with one another and how comfortable they are around each other. Visuals between the two are gorgeous and we can't wait for 'Snowdrop' to air.

Snowdrop airs December 18, and stars Jisoo and Jung Hae In as the two main protagonists. The drama is about a couple falling love in Korea circa 1987, during the one of the largest political movements and government demonstration the country has ever seen.

Despite earlier controversy over making 'light' of and manipulating the historical context, anticipation is high for the drama.


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