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  • Juice Shin

Jang Hye Jin Is Receiving Praise For Her Acting On 'The Red Sleeves'

It's a long time coming and much deserved.

Veteran actress Jang Hye Jin is receiving massive praise for her role as Queen Jeongsun in 'The Red Sleeves'. The actress has brought an undeniable elegance to her role, and everything from her voice to her mannerisms on the show exudes the grace and gravitas a queen in Joseon, Korea would have possessed.

Netizens have also noticed saying that she is perfect for the role and many are suggesting that the actress should be able to play lead in dramas after her role. With reviews suggesting that "she was born to play queen", and that everything from "her voice to her graceful movements scream queen". Her performance is compounded due to the recent controversies surrounding period dramas in Korea.

The actress first debut in 2004 in 'Nonstop 5'. The actress was noticed immediately for her similar appearance to Jun Ji Hyun, as she was titled the '2nd coming' of the actress. Though she never reached the apex as Jun Ji Hyun, she has worked diligently and finally it seems to be paying off.

The Red Sleeve, a period romance drama about a king and a palace maiden has recently reached 1st in it's time slot beating out Song Hye Kyo's 'Now, We Are Breaking Up'.

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