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  • Karina Lee


Well, at least we're shiny

Singer Lee Hyori said, "Confidence and being pretty are two different things."

Hyori Lee recently participated in her YouTube live broadcast hosted by her makeup artist Hyunjeong Hong. On this day, she introduced the process of transforming Lee Hyori from her bare face to gorgeous makeup.

Hyori Lee said, "Appearance is said to be confident, but I hate that type of phrase the most. Is your confidence really pretty? Appearance is appearance. To be honest, there is something innate. But how you take care of it is important,” she said.

Her bewildered acquaintances laughed out loud at the candid remarks by Hyori, and argued, “If her self-esteem and self-confidence are high, or if she knows how to highlight her own charms, even the ugly can shine.”

Hyori then retorted, “Are you saying I’m shiny and ugly?” she continued, “There are other prettier girls than me. Since I am a celebrity, I see a lot of celebrities. There are people who are just really pretty. I'm sorry, I can't give you hope," she said, causing more laughter.

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