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  • Juice Shin


No one that busy can be lazy

Han So Hee's blog trended in Korea.

The actress uploaded to her blog on the 20th, titled, "When are you planning on uploading a blog Lee So Hee (legal name)".

"It's been half a year since I started this blog to pen my thoughts with eloquent jargon only to be crushed by the reality of not even starting to read a book for the past year. As being a good writer is beyond me, I plan on giving you quantity rather than quality."

Everyone.. It's already March. In the meantime, I can't be lazier! There have been big and small changes and things, but how have you been?" She continued, "I am sorry to use being busy as an excuse to not even say hello to you all, students must have started school already."

She finished off her blog by saying, "I plan to rest for a bit but at the same time be productive on my time off, I hope all of you are well."

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