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  • Karina Lee


It's how you finish that matters.

The girls of H1KEY has debuted to little fanfare in Korea despite international fans.

The group's debut MV 'Athletic Girl' has little impressed domestic fans, currently sitting with 450k views as of writing this article. 450k views is no small feat however compared to groups KEP1ER and IVE, the group's debut has been much quieter. IVE currently has 58 million views for ELEVEN, and KEP1ER broke the record for first day album sales for a debuting girl group.

More concerning is the fact that very little about the group is being talked about on community sites in Korea. IVE and KEP1ER has community sites running at full capacity, from netizens, fan or otherwise. However besides the group's Thai member's controversy, there isn't much discussion about the group.

The group has enjoyed a mostly international support, will Korea warm up to the group?

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