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  • Cole Yoon


Scared of what?

(G)I-DLE's Yuqi choked up while mentioning former member Sujin.

(G)I-DLE appeared on the web entertainment 'Idol Climb' of '1theK', to look at netizen's reactions to the group's recent comeback while answering some of their fan's most enduring questions.

Sujin was brought up while watching a video posted on a popular community forum. The video was that of (G)I-DLE's performance held at the 'Dubai Expo' on January 17th. The video was significant due to the part all five members sang Soojin's part where the girls sing, "Who said we are afraid?"

Yuqi said, "This is a performance we did in Dubai, and it makes me cry. I don't know what it is, but it really makes me cry." Leader Soyeon said, "I felt we should sing the (Soojin) part together"

She then emphasized, "I think the lyrics say exactly what we want to say right now."

Sujin stopped activities in February last year after being accused of school violence. At first, Cube Entertainment completely denied the allegations and sued the accuser, but Sujin's middle school classmate and actress Seo Shin-ae who also was a schoolmate and bullying victim, accused the former idol publicly forcing her exit from the group in August.


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