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January 26, Fromis_9's speech after winning first on 'The Show' on January 25th, is not going over with fans very well at all. During their speech the girls were emotional and spoke of perseverance, netizens, however, are showing discomfort since it has been belatedly revealed that Fromis_9 was created by illegally manipulating 'Idol School', the competition program that debuted the group.

Also a particular line from the speech where they said, "Not matter if I we were on a deserted island, I would still want to be with these girls" is proving most problematic to fans as they were "the ones who got off the island while ten 'Idol School' contestants are still on the island illegally"

A post was uploaded titled, "Not feeling Fromis_9's 1st place speech at all", The poster then goes on to write:

Why are they talking like they had been framed for something unfair and just now did something great and proved their innocence, but shouldn't they just be happy they aren't canceled? It was proven in court that the group's concept was fake (competition show) so why are they feeling themselves?

Netizens commented,

They just proved they have no shame. They are the beneficiary of a crime but they are acting like they are the victims
They are able to act like that only because they think they are the victims
Even if they were to break up right now, Lee Hae In and her fans would still be pissed. They should just sue the group and break them up while making money
Deserted island my ass, these girls who couldn't debut anywhere else were able to debut due to manipulation by their label and are now acting like they don't know anything. Also even though they aren't rookies their music is the worst, what deserted island?
These girls were created from a lie and will have to live out their careers as a lie.

Real deserted island victim, Lee Hae In
Do Fromis_9 actually think they are victims? Why are they stirring the pot with the speech? They should just treat it as a formality, why stir the pot and create controversy?
They were actually doing fine on the speech, thanking family and staff then all of a sudden someone gives a speech about being on a deserted island lol What is her problem lol

What do you think, should Fromis_9 be proud of their win?


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