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  • Cole Yoon


HYBE don't lose.

FROMIS_9 is proving worthy of the title of 'HYBE GIRL GROUP', as their most recent comeback Midnight Guest is the most successful from the group to date.

The group's 4th mini album released on the 17th is breaking the group's previous sales record set by 9 Way Ticket. It took all but one day. The group recorded presales of 120,000 and sold a whopping 49,712 albums on the day of release. The previous record for the group was 37,000 total sales for '9 Way Ticket'.

The group joined HYBE in August in an M&A deal that saw, groups Seventeen, and Enhypen join HYBE making the label undoubtedly the best selling of all KPOP labels when taking into consideration already existing groups BTS and TXT.

Of the 100 best selling albums of 2021, HYBE artists take up an incredible 26 spots with sales totaling 15.2 Million copies, making up 33% of all KPOP albums sold.

This is not to take away from FROMIS_9's endeavor as the group has undoubtedly matured in all areas from powerful vocals to beautiful visuals.

Have you checked the Queens of HYBE out? If not check it out below.


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