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  • Cole Yoon


Hanyang 'U' don't wanna hang with U.

With news that even her own CEO, actress Kang Ye Won, has cut ties with her, it seems everyone wants very little to do with disgraced FREEZIA. This time, however, it is students from her own University that are distancing themselves.

Today on January 24, a post on a community board showed a post from the prestigious Hanyang University, the school FREEZIA attended.

In a post titled, "I will tell you how Hanyang University is reacting", in the post the netizen writes.

Even before the counterfeit controversy, they wanted her to stop using the school's name and stop calling herself the ''Goddess of Hanyang University''. They say there are much prettier girls at the school that she was never popular with the boys here and that she is a disgrace to the school.

Netizens reacted by writing,

Honestly, it seems she has more school spirit than attending students
She was selling out the school and now the school wants nothing to do with her lol Who hangs their acceptance letter in their living room lol
Even if it was me I'd consider her a disgrace to the school
Who even accepted her, no matter who of course they would hate someone that disgraces their school
I would hate to have to do a team project with her
Even if it was me I'd hate someone if they called herself the goddess of my school
Umm Hyun Woo Jin went to Standford, she isn't flexing on anybody

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