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  • Cole Yoon

Former US Navy SEAL Ken Rhee Wants All The Smoke!

Ruler #1 Don't mess with a SEAL, Rule #2? Repeat Rule #1.

Ken Rhee, the former US NAVY SEAL and Korean SEAL UDT badass took a shot at disgraced Voldemort of Kpop, Kim Yong Ho (pictured below). Kim Yong Ho is the former YouTuber that accused Han Ye Seul of being a prostitute and accused Rhee of sexual assault WITHOUT any evidence other than hearsay. But turns out it was Kim Yong Ho who has been molesting women as he has been charged with molestation.

On the 27th Ken Rhee wrote on his SNS pictured above,

Dear Young Ho,

I find that losers are always the ones molesting women.

Without any evidence you accused me of sexually assault. What were you doing, practicing a self introduction? The video of you assaulting women are spreading on the internet.

P.S. If anybody still claims I assaulted someone bring the evidence. Do you think your false accusations will bury me?

I have 3 footages of CCTV clearing me of any wrongdoing. The ball is in your court, bring it.

Wouldn't want to be Yong Ho.


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