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  • Cole Yoon

#FINESSED Choi Ye Bin Once Scammed Out of Her Life Savings

Watch out now

Choi Ye Bin explained how she was scammed out of her life savings predebut. On October 16, she appeared on 'Knowing Bros'. The 'Penthouse' actress recounted the story when she was scammed by a man impersonating to be a government official. The man claimed that her account was subject to a fraud investigation and she must comply with his demands or she would be held accountable. The man then asked her to empty her account by purchasing gift cards redeemable in cash, and was asked to provide the serial numbers for the gift cards. When she obliged the man told her everything would be fine and would see her money in an hour or so and hung up. When she checked hours later she saw both her account and her gift cards were empty. Luckily this was before she made her debut as an actress and only had $900. However that is still $900 she will never get back.

Korea isn't the world's most technology advanced country for nothing. Scams here are highly complex and common sense alone won't keep you safe. If you are planning to visit or already living in Korea, remember never to give out your information over the phone and anyone that asks for your information is a fraud. Be careful outchea!


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