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  • Karina Lee



Often today, issues that on the surface seem trivial can expose deeper societal ills, and it seems the FREEZIA controversy is one of these issues.

FREEZIA has amassed a large following for her brash, straightforward, and IDGAF attitude. Of these followers a large percent of them are women and of those, 'radical feminists' have called her a champion of their cause for the exact same reasons listed above.

So it is no surprise that these extreme fans are not pleased with the FREEZIA controversy, many of them in turn are now championing her, saying the controversy is created by men and that NO women would actually hate her.

This would be fine if this was true, however a few comments are going viral with many men applauding the poster.

The comments are:

"Feminists made her (FREEZIA) famous then bury her then blame Korean men LOL"

"I didn't even know who she was"

"I was too scared to leave a comment because of hate comments LOL"

The last comment is going viral for being hilariously honest saying:

"What are you saying??? After Shin Ji Yeon slayed all contestants with her body, I only care about her on Single's Inferno, I'm being honest LOL"

Netizens are applauding the commenter for his honesty, and we can't deny, he has a point.


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