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  • Juice Shin


Wait.. what?

Netizens noticed that Arin from Oh My Girl is missing from promotional posters for the upcoming tvN drama 'Resurrection'.

On March 3, a member of an online community noted, "What is it? Why is Arin conspicuously absent from promotional material for the drama 'Resurrection'?" "Arin is a fairly significant sub-character," the netizen wrote, "but Arin is nowhere to be found in the promotional article, and only Arin is not featured on tvN's official Instagram, while the other sub-characters are."

As a result, some netizens expressed their perplexity by commenting: "What exactly is this...? While I am not a fan of Arin's, I am taken aback. This drama [at first] promoted itself by using the names of Hwang Min Hyun and Arin."

"What if Arin never comes out? Is she even scheduled to appear [in the drama]?"

"They probably left [Arin] out because she is neither a trending actress nor an actress recognized for her talent at the moment."

"It's possible that the proportion [of her scenes] changed during filming.

Let us simply wait."

"Arin was initially listed as the female lead, but after official promotions began, they changed [the cast listing order]."

"Arin is not the lead character, but do you believe she was aware that the drama was being promoted as if she were?"

"Such stingy individuals Lolll They kept making it appear as though Arin was the female lead and subjecting her to so much hatred, and now they're completely omitting her from their official promotions."

"At this rate, I'm beginning to believe Arin is merely a supporting character."

"What...wasn't Arin the drama's female lead?? This is a complete error on the part of the producti "n personnel."


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