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  • Cole Yoon


Is 14 a crowd?

On February 27, the finale of the teenage audition show 'My Teenage Girl' aired, revealing the winners who will make their debut with the group 'CLASSy.'

On this day, seven girls emerged victorious from the survival program and were invited to join the newly formed girl group as the final seven members. After the final competition concluded, Won Ji Min, Kim Seon You, Myung Hyung Seo, Hong Hye Ju, Kim Ri Won, Park Bo Eun, and Yoon Chae Won joined the group.

Many fans, on the other hand, were disappointed because they believe the remaining seven semi-finalists are also talented and deserve to be a part of the debuting group. As a result, these fans are speaking out in an attempt to convince the disqualified members to join 'CLASSy.' According to the producers of 'My Teenage Girl,' numerous passionate fans of the show have expressed their desire for all 14 trainees to debut together on various social media platforms. Rules, on the other hand, are rules, and they are intended to be followed.

In response to these requests and wishes, the production team explained and expressed their displeasure, stating, "It's not that we don't understand the fans' perspective and position, but it's a difficult situation to have this discussion."

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