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  • Cole Yoon

Everyone Is Freaking Out About Song Hye Kyo's Hands, Here's Why

Slight Spolier Alert

In the most recent episode of 'Now, we are breaking up', Song Hye Kyo's character learns a sad truth...

So she cries, but when she does...

Her hands shake..

And Korea is blown away by her acting skills. Especially the hand shake.

Commentors wrote:

"I can't believe I'm 50 and I cried along with her lol"

"She was so sad, it made me cry"

"She tried to keep a lid on her emotions until she couldn't anymore... her shaking voice and her fragile shaking hands make this sadder"

"Song Hye Kyo is balling and her friend is like umm... even fellow actors can't relate to her acting"

"Reallly makes me want to cry, Song Hye Kyo is the best at romance dramas"


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