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  • Cole Yoon

Controversy is Growing Regarding Netflix's 'My Names' Nude Scene

What do you think about the controversy?

Controversy regarding Netflix's hit Korean show "My Name" is growing. This stems from an interview with the show's main protagonist, actress Han So Hee. During the interview the actress said the hardest part of filming the show was the topless scene as she admits she did not know about the scene until the day of filming. This is causing an outcry in Korea as in Hollywood it is well known that there are protocols and buffer in place between actors and studio, producers, and directors' to ensure transparency and stop situations where an actress is pressured to do a scene that she is not comfortable with. Albeit EVEN THEN, there are many situations in Hollywood where the actress is forced to do something she is uncomfortable with. Koreans are demanding what, if any, buffers are in place in Korea's film industry.


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