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  • Karina Lee


What are your thoughts?

Debut group CLASS:y of ‘After School Excitement’ captivated fans with a strong yet lovely reversal charm.

‘After School Excitement’ debut class (Jimin Won, Seonyu Kim, Hyungseo Myeong, Hyejoo Hong, Boeun Park, Riwon Kim, Chaewon Yoon) debuted on MBC ‘Show! ‘SURPRISE’ was presented on ‘Music Core’.

The members gave points to styling such as gloves and chokers in a strong red color outfit. The members, completed with passion-filled styling, captivated viewers with their reversal charm that added freshness to their energetic performance.

The perfection of the performance has also been upgraded. With the highly addictive melody's chorus and high-quality performance, the 7 members showed off their unique charms. In particular, Classi members enhanced the stage's perfection by performing a choreography like pulling a string and a lovely ending pose in the highlighted part.

'SURPRISE' shows the confidence and aspiration that CLASS:y will show off her charm that has been hidden, catch everyone's attention and surprise the world, and the future that will change even more wonderful. It's an urban hip-hop track.


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