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  • Karina Lee


Sprite can't fix that.

In the full-fledged 19-gold couple talk show 'Ero Couple' co-produced by KY Channel and Channel A, a party goer who calls herself the 'Korean Paris Hilton' appeared to interview about intimate details about her marriage. When her husband complained that his wife needs to be the center of attention wherever she goes, MC Choi Hwa-jung said, "I know an actress like that", drawing curiousity from fellow panelists.

Her husband stated, "I thought my wife was so bright and had active hobbies, but there's a different side to her." He further stated, "She needs to attend all four Christmas parties, and celebrates her birthday by partying for a month", his wife admitted "If I don't get attention at a drinking party, it's no fun."

MC Choi Hwa-jeong said, "I know an actress who does just that, but if she doesn't get noticed at a drinking party, she just argues and throws things." Fellow panelist Hong Jin-kyung also nodded her head, saying, “I know who you are talking about,”. Panelist Song Jin-woo couldn't hide his curiosity and asked, "Who is that?", but Choi Hwa-jeong said, she would reveal no further.


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