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  • Cole Yoon



Korean fans are lamenting Chinese netizens for attacking KARINA.

A post uploaded to Korea's largest community board wrote how KARINA, who previously communicated with fans through BUBBLE everyday, had been absent from the app for 2 weeks as of writing the post.

Netizens chimed in writing:

What's really funny is how feminist on this board would always attack KARINA but now it turns out they all miss her, she's the nicest plus she's the center of premier group, everybody is jealous of her but she's the best I don't know why anybody would hate on the members besides NINGNING, what did they do? lol Will only support Karina Winter and Giselle I miss Jimin Foreal, why would anyone shield NINGNING, seeing how KARINA is getting attacked, NINGNING should leave Why are they ruining it for us

It seems Chinese fans are attacking Korean members of AESPA in response to NINGNING being canceled by Korean fans for her public support of China during the olympics. At the moment Chinese sentiment in Korea is lower than it's ever been.

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