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  • Cole Yoon

#Scandal Guess which Ex-Olympian stole her bf?

This is a picture of Han Areumsongee and her ex bf. Areumsongee is a popular influencer on both instagram and YouTube. Recently news that her bf cheated have being making waves in Korea but everybody is losing their shit when they find out with who he cheated on her with. It turns out the girl who stole her bf is no other than *drumroll Lee Da-Young pictured below! Yes the same Lee Da-young who got kicked off the Olympic team and recently canceled for doing horrible things in her school years to her classmates. Yes the same Lee Da-young who turned out got MARRIED in secret and who's now estranged husband recently EXPOSED her for cheating. Turns out Lee Da-Young was cheating with no other than Han Areumsongee's bf. #Forthestreets I say!

Receipts below, no ENG sub ㅠ


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