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  • Karina Lee


Nayeon has astonished fans and non-fans alike with her new hairstyle.

The moment fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Nayeon posted many images of herself with her new blonde haircut on her group's Instagram account with the statement "Spring is arrived," showcasing her ethereal and lovely beauty.

After years of anticipation, fans can't help but share Nayeon's images on social media. Nayeon raced to the top of the global trends on Twitter and other platforms shortly after posting the photographs earlier at midnight.

Fans remarked on how much Nayeon's new hairstyle suits her. Among the remarks are:

"She's stunning with her blonde hair. It's so unexpected, but I adore surprises."
"Nayeon looks stunning in blonde. Honestly, this is one of her most beautiful appearances."
"She's just stunning."
"I vow to you. I had no idea she'd tint her hair blonde. So far, Nayeon has the nicest hair."
"Please be blonde at all times."


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