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  • Cole Yoon


First TXT, now ATEEZ.

#Disband_Mnet trended on December 16th after allegations from a Korean netizen claimed Mnet had failed the group on several occasions.

The post reads,

  1. During Ateez's reality show Mnet staff yelled and intimidated the group.(Would later correct to say the staff didn't yell at the group directly but yelled on set to darken mood)

  2. During Kingdom's athletic day, the show didn't tell the group of the day's plans correctly which led them to wear jeans, the group said so themselves.

  3. Giving the group a tiny waiting room during filming of Kingdom.

  4. Kingdom cut the group's performance of 'Rythm-ta' instead the show used 5 minutes of inserts of the group reacting. The full version was later uploaded to youtube and is different from the clip that aired.

  5. Not knowing the group's position, said 'San' was main dancer instead of lead vocal. Mistook him for The Boyz, 'San'.

  6. Made them eat on the roof (this was also an issue)

  7. MAMA camera work for the group was trash and a hundred times worst than Inkigayo.

  8. MAMA mic issues, the group later confessed they were disappointed with this.

  9. There is so much more, it seems like even with TXT there were issues. Mnet goes around screwing with one group after another, even the 'Kingdom' PD apologized.

Fans are demanding Mnet respect the group.


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