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  • Cole Yoon

Asia Artist Awards Is Getting Flamed For 'Questionable' Categories

"This is why no one has ever heard of this award show"

Korean netizens are not impressed by the Asia Artist Award. The award show took place last night and featured a star studded lineup. The issue is not with who showed up at the award ceremonies but how many awards were handed out, and for the categories awards were handed out.

A post on Korea's largest online community site stated "This is all you need to know about the Asia Artist Awards" and showed Lee Seung Gi winning an award for 'Best Welcome'.

Lee Seung Gi winning the 'Best Welcome Award'

Fans roasted the award site

"That is the welcome from the army award" "Welcome Award LOL"

"Welcome from the army lol"

"What a joke"

"I was there and it was really funny LOL Lee Seung Gi didn't know what to say and everyone was laughing at him. Should have been better to just say it and not give him a trophy"

"LOL Is there not a best good bye award?"

"I bet even the recipient was like umm..."

"This is why no one has ever heard of this award show"


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