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  • Cole Yoon


The actress formerly known as APINK?

Son Naeun of Apink is facing louder calls to leave the group amidst the news that the idol and now actress won't be participating in group promotions for their comeback, besides recording vocals and filming the MV.

On an online community, a netizen posted a post titled,

"Will actress Son Naeun please leave APink?"

The poster followed saying:

"Pandas may have noticed but she seemed like she wanted to leave the group for some years now. It seems she's staying because APink's fandom is so strong and they insist that all 6 members continue but if she is going to be like this, it might be best that she leaves... She's always stuck up and cold (Although fans insists she's really nice inside what good does that do for a celebrity) and she ruins the mood on a lot of variety shows. She's a tough watch. Still I want to thank her for being the center of the group for 17 years, so for the sake of the group and everybody involved with APINK please leave."

What do you think, is Apink still Apink without their visual center?

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