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  • Mary Kim


Is this the new wave?

Virtual artists are now debuting. smh.

In collaboration with major entertainment companies, virtual humans are posing a threat to the music and entertainment industries. With the help of entertainment management organizations, these virtual beings have made a name for themselves in the advertising world and are now making their way into entertainment.

Smilegate announced on February 14 that its virtual artist, 'Han Yoo Ah,' has inked an exclusive contract with YG KPlus. Since joining YG KPlus as an artist, Han Yoo Ah has aspirations to work in a variety of mediums, including broadcasting and YouTube videos and live performances, as well as merchandising. A division of YG Entertainment, YG KPlus is a model and actor management agency. Models like Bae Yoon Young and Hye Park, who have achieved international acclaim, are represented by the agency. This label is also home to ATO6, a model-based idol group, which is also active. Han Yoo Ah aims to become a well-known virtual artist in the metaverse market by establishing himself as a representative. Additionally, it is expected that YG Entertainment idol groups would collaborate closely with the project.


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