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On January 8, a post was uploaded claiming that AESPA's Winter had her ASK account leaked.

AESPA's 'Winter's 'ASK' account was allegedly exposed on an online community. It is not clarified when she used it but it believed that the 'ASK' account was used before her debut.

According to the poster, KARINA's fans knew of this but today they fought with WINTER's fans and so they exposed this.

ASK is an sns where accounts can answer questions anonymously.

Some of Winter's alleged responses were:

ASK: Jong In (Kai) is so sexy, do you like him cause he's sexy?
Winter: Fell in love with his six pack .. <3

Ask: Tell me who you know on EXO
Winter: I know everyone, (proceeds to write out all the names)

ASK: Are you turned on?
Winter: I'm turned on <3

Ask: What is 'ㅆ' (Korean abbreviation for sex)?
Winter: 세수 (act of washing your face, has same abbreviation as sex), little kids go home

Ask: What part of your body if you were able to, would you enlarge?
Winter: B

Fans are saying that although embarrassing, it is harmless as Winter is well known to have been an EXO-L. However some fans pointed out a double standard. The comments include:

"LOL F**King embarrassing how is she going to see them?"

"Not even her fan but it's more funny than anything lol it's not like she was a bully or anything. Plus she is known to be tough, just seems like she has matured (mentally) since then"

"Am I the only one who finds this funny? It's just her fangirl-ing over Kai. She has always sounded tough when she talks so I'm not even surprised. Stop acting like something big happened, this is harmless"

"It's funny cause she sounds like every other EXO-L back then"

"Imagine if a male idol spoke like that about Girl's Day Yura, he would be cancelled"

"Isn't it sexual harassment? If a male idol spoke like this he would write an apology and probably be cancelled. The comment section here is weird"

"Wait.. this seems a bit too serious to just laugh off"


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