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  • Cole Yoon

A Viewer Claims Mijoo's Character Is Sexist, MBC Responds

How do you feel about Mijoo on the show?

As forever 'Lovelyz' Mijoo is receiving an immense amount of popularity, one viewer left on MBC's "Hanging with Yoo"s message board, "I am uncomfortable with Mijoo's character on the show. Before I wouldn't have noticed but since I have become aware of gender inequalities I feel the sexy bimbo character she plays is problematic and sexist". To this, MBC replied "We didn't cast Mijoo because we needed this character. Instead we wanted to cast a line up that was familiar with Yoo Jae Suk and matched him well. We also made a conscious effort to cast an equal amount of females as males and it is to this end we casted Mijoo. As Yoo Jae Suk himself have said, he can't carry a cast alone every time so we felt Mijoo's chemistry with Yoo as well as HaHa, and Jung Joon Ha would be a great match".

What do you think, is the viewers' concerns warranted?


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