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A Pink wrapped up their promotion for their special album 'HORN' earlier this month. Regrettably, the girl group's promotions continued as a five-member unit, with Na-Eun unable to join due to "scheduling conflicts."

Na-Eun was able to take part in the album's recording and photo shoots but was unable to perform on stage with the other girls. After learning that Na-Eun would not be a part of A Pink's comeback promotion, many fans expressed their disappointment and turned on the idol, claiming she was unable to adjust her schedule to coincide with the girl group's tenth-anniversary comeback.

However, things changed when Na-agency Eun's revealed that she was committed to future projects and was unable to alter her schedule. Many netizens understood Na-predicament, Eun's as her agency claimed she was currently filming another drama. Additionally, A Pink's promotions had been delayed once previously. As a result, Na-Eun received renewed fan support and love after the reason for her absence was revealed.

Now, some netizens are curious as to when the news of Na-new Eun's drama will be revealed. One netizen created an online community post inquiring whether Na-schedule Eun's was truly disrupted by a new drama.

According to the netizen who created the post, "Na-Eun opted out of the girl group's promotional activities, stating that she is currently working on a new drama following the conclusion of her previous one in February. However, there is no news of a new drama. She stated that the promotion schedule conflicted with the filming of her drama due to Chorong. However, it appears as though she is not filming a drama but rather taking portraits."

Netizens remarked, "To be completely candid, isn't this situation absurd? She stated that she would make a comeback with the group at a fan meeting, but then found herself with another commitment. She did not share this with her fans, but YG only released one statement: "I'm curious as to why she didn't participate in any promotions when she wasn't scheduled to film anything," and "So Na-Eun didn't join the promotion even though she wasn't scheduled to film anything?""

On the other hand, some fans defended Na-Eun, claiming that there are numerous instances when dramas are forced to pause filming for various reasons. Additionally, filming for dramas typically begins prior to the release of any news. These internet users stated, "People are being ridiculous; there are numerous instances of dramas being canceled prior to the start of filming. Additionally, lead actors are replaced during filming. Now, it appears as though people believe this is their chance to criticize her once more. If she was unable to participate this time, then that is it; why should she be chastised for something she did not do?" "She must have valid reasons for being unable to participate. She would not simply opt out of promotional activities on her own," and "Dramas begin filming even before news articles are published. Simply because we are unaware of it does not mean she is not busy."


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