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  • Cole Yoon


Give us A*PINK.

A*PINK members Chorong and Bomi showed off their visuals for digital magazine 'Your Vibe'.

The ladies participated in a photoshoot celebrating 10 years since their debut. Appropriately the concept of the photoshoot was a party and we're green we weren't invited.

The A*pink members also answered questions. When asked about the 10 years since debut, Chorong answered, "I know we are seen as middle aged idols but these ten years went by so fast, I don't feel it." Bomi added, "It's 10 years since our debut this year so we are sad we can't celbrate it with fans. We wanted to see our fans at least once so we are holding a fan meeting on the 31st, and we have a lot planned".

Regarding member Jung Eun Ji's triumphant return to acting in 'Drink Now, Work Later', Bomi stated, "I'm so happy for Eunji's success as it had been a while since she was on screen. Besides the fact the character curses a lot, the character she played is very similar to Eunji. She's straight forward and really down to earth like the character on screen". Chorong added, "Seeing Eun Ji discover and create the character from scratch was amazing and made me respect her even more."


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