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He will be embarking in a new chapter in his life.

Chansung uploaded a letter to his instagram in which he revealed he will be getting married to his pregnant fiancé. Also he revealed he will be leaving 2pm.


Dear Hottest,
Hello. This is 2PM's Chansung. It's already the cold winter. I began promoting at the age of 17, and already, 15 whole years have passed. There have been so many events and memories. I want to thank Hottests infinitely for all of the precious memories that we've made. Today, I am writing to tell you about a change and a joy that is occurring in my life.
I have someone that I have been seeing for a long time. This person was a friend and a partner to me when my heart was in an unstable place for a long time, someone whom I could confide in for anything. After completing my military service, I was preparing to marry this person, and during this time, the blessing of a new life came to us earlier than expected. We are planning to hold our wedding ceremony around early next year. It is still a very early stage of the pregnancy, so I am cautious, but because I wanted to deliver this news to you all very first, I am writing this today.
At this crossroad where I am preparing to begin a life with my own family, I would like to ask for your understanding in the fact that I cannot publicly reveal my partner in life, because they do not have a career in this field.
Additionally, my contract with JYP Entertainment, my agency of 15-years, is coming to an end in January of next year. With my new life and my new family in mind, and considering the option of building my own path from now on, I have come to an agreement with the agency to not renew my contract.
The decision was made with my future in mind as the greatest priority, and the agency is wishing me bright, sunny days in my new endeavors. I also plan on cheering on my agency, a place that is my roots and is like a friend to me, in its growth from now on. Nothing else is currently decided, but I promise that I will take on opportunities that will not worry our fans.
Because of all this sudden news, I'm worried about how Hottests will react. But as always, I will work hard to show you a good side of me as the maknae of 2PM and as the actor Hwang Chansung. Thank you."


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