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  • Cole Yoon

10 Idols With Darker 'Golden' Skin Who Rule Kpop

These 'Golden' Girls Prove Not All Idols Have To Be Pale.

10. Solbin - Laboum

Solbin is known for her golden complexion and is gaining popularity as the visual center for 'Laboum'.

9. Hwasa - MamaMoo

Hwasa exudes an exotic beauty that is rare in Korea. Just as sexy as her appearance so is her confident down to earth, demeanor. Cool, calm, and collected all day!

8. Nayoung - Pristin

Nayoung is the beautiful center and leader of Pristin. Not only is she known for her complexion but her tall, slender, model like figure makes her head and shoulders above most idols.

7. Kwon Yuri - SNSD

Yuri known as the 'Black Pearl' member of Girls Generation, this SNSD member is one of the first idols with darker golden skill to receive so much attention for her exotic beauty.

6. Yuna - Itzy

Yuna is blossoming into a great role model for Koreans with 'golden' skin. She is already one of the most popular idol of her generation and the maknae is only 17!

5. Tzuyu

The Twice member exudes confidence and her healthy looking skin is the envy of all! Considered as one of the most beautiful celebrities in Korea, we are sure she's going to continue her domination with her latest comeback, 'Love Formula'.

4. Hyeri

Hyeri is one of the nations most beloved celebrities. One of the hottest idol of her generation, she seamlessly transitioned into a successful actress. She stated she was once bullied for her darker skin when she was young, now she's laughing all the way to the bank!

3. Bora

Any fan of 2010's Kpop know Bora, formerly of Sistar was one of the most popular idols ever. Beloved by Kpop fans she was the epitome of 'healthy beauty'.

2. SeolHyun

The current reigning Kpop visual queen, Seolhyun is well regaarded as one of the most beautiful women in Korea. She states she was bullied when she was younger for her darker skin but now loves it. Live your best life!


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