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  • Cole Yoon


Netizens are criticizing SWF for making them look so bad.

The second episode of Street Girls Fighter, the spinoff of Street Woman Fighter, saw the conclusion of contestants choosing which team they would like to go to. The episode however showed that while SWF favorites YGX and La Chica saw a great amount of teams joining their team, groups between Want and WayV only one group of contestants joined WayV.

Netizens expressed that Way V and Want must have had a hard time filming the episode due to the humiliation and that it was hard to watch. Especially since a lot of netizens blamed SWF for not promoting the two crews as they did the other groups. Even worst was the fact the two groups had noticeably the least camera time on this episode.

Netizens wrote,

"Why aren't they choosing Want?"

"For real if not Way V, chose Want"

"Tell us if you guys aren't going to give Want camera time so I can just watch Hyojin Choi's youtube channel instead"

"I feel bad for Want and Wayv ㅠ

No one is going to Want and Wayv "

"SWF didn't allow Wayv and Want to truly show their colors. Especially Want who was made for the TV show.

Hyojin Choi's leadership was only highlighter rather than her dancing and her style. This is the result.. Even if she doesn't show it I'm sure she felt bad"


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