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  • Karina Lee


Cool or warm?

Spring warm, summer cool, fall warm, winter cool. These phrases allude to a type of personal color. Personal color finds the color that best suits each skin tone, is divided into warm tones, cool tones, and spring/summer/autumn/winter.

For those who have heard of personal color, but still have no idea what kind of difference these types have, below are instances of the styling and makeup of cool-toned summer and autumn-warm-toned stars.

Representative summer cool tones, Red Velvet Irene & IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung

Red Velvet's Irene and Ive Jang Wonyoung are representatives of summer cool tones. If we look at a more subdivided type, Wonyoung is a light type that goes well with pale colors among cool summer tones, and Irene is a bright type that goes well with high-saturated primary colors.

If the characteristic of cool tones in summer is a bright and clear atmosphere, the characteristic of warm tones in autumn is elegance embedded in the mellowness.

Representatives of autumn warm tones, Blackpink Rosé & Jisoo

The representatives of autumn warm tone types in the entertainment industry are the group Blackpink's Rosé and Jisoo. Among them, the two of them are the mute type, who are considered the best in the overall dull and calm colors of gray and yellow.

In general, autumn warm tones, especially in the case of mute types, go well with warm and heavy autumn colors such as bronze or brown. For this reason, the classic beige color trench coat is the best item for autumn warm tone types. Instead, it is better to avoid vivid colors that are clean and vivid as they are worst colors that lower their attractiveness.


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