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  • Karina Lee


Receipts and text messages included.

Rapper Jamezz is alleged to have beaten his ex girlfriend and abusing drugs.

On Jamezz's open Kakao Room, which is an open chatting room for fans, woman 'A' who alleges to be the rappers' ex girlfriend uploaded messages between the rapper and pictures of alleged abuse.

In the first picture it shows messages exchanged between 'A' and the rapper where it seems the rapper is confessing to using drugs and apologizing to 'A'. In one of the messages 'A' writes that she does not have a future with the rapper.

In one of the pictures, the rapper is seen on his knees. She also uploaded pictures of a window broken on a pink car that is well known to be the rappers'.

She wrote that she is uploading about the rapper in the chatroom because he won't make the news since he isn't famous.

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