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  • Juice Shin

Over 100+ Korean Dancers Tried To Cancel 'Prowdmon' Monika Over The Stupidest Reason, And Failed

They hate to see you move up..

Monika of 'Prowdmon' dance crew and star of 'Street Woman Fighter', is enjoying an incredible press run alongside her co stars. The much deserved accolades to the dancer and the dance industry as a whole has been a feel good story in Korea...except other dancers apparently.

The whole fiasco stems from the dancers recent appearance on 'Knowing Bros' where she explained very simply for general viewers of the different types of dance styles. During which, she a00arently misused the word 'Poppin' as a dance style, mistaken for 'Popping'. Innocent enough? Not to 100+ dancers who vehemently attacked her for the missing 'G'.

Thankfully Korean Netizens had enough sense to ask... WTF? Eventually one of the main attackers released an apology today

In which she says she was 'immature' and that she would reach out to Monika directly to ask for forgiveness.. Something tells us, her messages are probably going to be left on 'read'..


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