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Singer Lee Solomon apologized for gifting his girlfriend clothes sent to him by fans.

A netizen who recently revealed that they were a fan of Solomon revealed to an online community that a woman believed to be Solomon's girlfriend was wearing clothes that the fan had gifted him.

The author of the post said, “This singer, who debuted only four months ago, was sent a lot of clothes by fans in hopes that the singer would be known as fashionable. However, I feel deceived by the fact that a woman who is believed to be his girlfriend is wearing the gifts and even posting them as photos on social media.” Controversy arose when photos of a woman wearing the same clothes as the actual clothes gifted to Lee Solomon by fans were revealed.

Regarding this, on the 16th, through his official fan cafe, Solomon said, "From the facts that cannot be fully said, the rumors that have grown with speculation and exaggeration, the things that have happened in my life, and the unscrupulous things that I don't even want to talk about, I still haven't been able to solve them. I am having a difficult time with things.”

"I have been struggling with truths that can't be told in its entirety, rumors and speculations that are grossly exaggerated, and the horrible things that have happened in my life that I dare not say out loud... "

He continued, “I am a person who lacks a lot. I do not resent them.”

Then he said, "Please only blame me. Hate me as much as you want as I know from the anger there was once love and you loved me fiercely and for that I want to express my sincerity and gratitude.” he then added, “It’s all my fault.”

Lee Solomon made his national debut by taking third place in the final of 'Tomorrow's National Singer'.


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